We create space and processes for deep transformation

We explore your deepest dreams and passions.  We create a powerful vision for our work together. And we create benchmarks to measure our progress.  We build your strengths, and we develop new strengths and abilities.  We explore all parts of your being to make sure they can all work in harmony with each other and support each other.  We explore your true and authentic self and what it looks like to show up as your authentic self in all areas of your life, and in all situations within your work and personal life.  We explore what a balanced lifestyle and healthy work-life balance looks like for you and then we’ll create it.  We explore effective strategies for achieving your goals and vision.  And we examine the internal and external barriers that have been holding you back.  We create strategies for breaking down those barriers, and we’ll replace them with new and empowering practices and routines.  We build a strong support network and make sure that your support network, your new and empowering behaviors and other support structures support your goals and vision.  We explore ideas for how you can transform all of your relationships into thriving and authentic relationships.

We create open and ever expanding space where everything can show up and be held, no matter what.  This space can hold everything and allows you to process emotional blocks and pains from your past that have been holding you back like anchors.  Nothing will be off limits.  There will be trust.  We will go deep.  You will release those pains and be free to pursue whatever goals inspire you.  And we make sure that everything we do is in integrity with your values.

Your life’s work and personal life will completely transform.  You will soar and enjoy many new heights.

My coaching approach

Impactful and effective coaching creates a deep connection and a nurturing space where exponential growth can take place.  Exponential growth takes place when deep and powerful insights are experienced.  And deep and powerful insights come from the ability to tune into our inner wisdom, which is an extension of infinite possibility.  That’s where the magic of coaching creates life-changing shifts that enable clients to experience their own power in ways they have never experienced it before.

My coaching approach will help you to access your intuitive guidance on a deeper level.  This will allow you to find answers to important questions, find solutions to any challenges you might be facing, and allow you to conceive inspiring ideas to move your life’s work to the next level.  As a result you will experience more inspiration, joy and purpose in your work.

You already have the power, the potential and the answers you’re looking for within you.  I will help you to unlock them.

At many points throughout my life and career I’ve learned that we often start out not knowing what our true potential is.  But the moment we get a sense of how much more there is for us to create and experience, that’s when exponential change and growths happens.  And often, the only thing standing in the way between us an our true potential is our lack of imagination.

I invite you to create and pursue new and inspiring dreams for yourself again.  You’ve done it before.  Successfully and magnificently.  Now you can do it even more epically.  Your untapped potential is waiting for you…

Coaching format

We work together one-on-one for 6 to12 months; anything less is not enough to create lasting change.  Your coaching package will be highly personalized and tailored to your specific goals, desires and needs.  Coaching is done face-to-face in the Boston Area or long-distance via Skype (or another video platform).