Does this sound like you?

You’re a leader who has already made huge contributions towards creating a better world.
You have a bias for transformative leadership practices.

You’ve always felt that there is a special purpose for you, a mission, a calling.

You’re passionate about helping to create a better world.


You feel that you haven’t reached your full potential yet.
You know that you can have a much bigger impact.
You want to take your leadership abilities to the next level.

And you want to do all this while creating a healthy work-life balance that allows you to enjoy other things that are important to you in your life.  You want to be a more impactful leader in a healthy and balanced way.

You are in the right place.

One of the biggest challenges that leaders like you are facing is that when you reached your current level of success and achievement, it was new and extraordinary at some point.  But now you have plateaued.  You’re still great at what you do and you’re able to maintain a certain level of influence, but there are a number of factors that keep holding you back from continued growth and from reaching new heights.  Some of the most common barriers include:

  • You’re stuck in work responsibilities and structures that don’t provide space for growth

Because you’re so good at what you do, you’re being tasked with an overwhelming amount of responsibilities.  Your work schedule is so packed that you don’t have space or time to explore new professional and leadership development goals and opportunities.

Your work takes so much out of you that you often feel drained when entering your personal time.  At that point, you have nothing left to give, let alone energy to focus on creating and pursuing new professional and leadership development goals.

  • Your work-life balance is out of whack

Because your work is so demanding, you’re struggling with maintaining a healthy work-life balance.  You don’t even know where to start when it comes to creating new and fun practices in your personal life.  And because you’re not able to maintain healthy practices and routines in your personal life, you’re not able to rejuvenate and replenish your energy levels so that you can approach each workday with vigor and enthusiasm.

  • You know you need to develop new skills and habits but you don’t know how and when

Taking your life’s work to the next level requires developing new skills and habits.  However, you have no idea how to create a structure that would allow you to free up time and energy to do this.  This can be quite frustrating because it makes you feel stuck .

Creating new structures and freeing up time would also require navigating all the structures you’re currently sharing with others, such as your team, work partners or superiors, and those you work with on important projects.  So, how do you make these important changes without negatively impacting others you’re connected to?

  • You have lost some of your ability to show up as your authentic self

You’ve developed different personas over the years, which may include that of a leader, a professional, a parent, a spouse or life partner, an artist or other form of creative person, a spiritual person, etc.  And then there are your honest opinions and views that often don’t get shared because of the fear of being judged or rejected.

You feel that you have to keep switching between different personas depending on who you interact with and the space you’re in.  However, you also know that if you were to be able to show up as your authentic and integrated self more often regardless of who you interact with, you would be a much more powerful and impactful leader.  You could inspire others to be more powerful as well instead of being controlled by the expectations of others and your fears, such as your fear to shine your light as a leader in the most powerful way.

  • You’ve been sacrificing important health practices and routines

When our life is out of balance, our health often suffers the most.  Because we feel so much pressure from all the demands our work and life keeps putting on us, we neglect practices such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, or making time available for breaks and periods of rest.  And because this often makes us feel bad, we may get caught up in destructive habits, such as stress eating, drinking, smoking, etc.  We stay stuck in these perpetual vicious cycles until we break them.  However, without outside help, this often seems impossible.

And you may have already tried changing some of those habits on your own, but without much success.  It’s challenging to make these kinds of changes without a strong support and accountability structure.

  • You want to move into a new or higher leadership position but you don’t feel prepared enough

You’re finally ready to make the big move into a new or higher leadership position, either at your current organization or at a new organization. However, even though you’ve achieved a significant impact as a leader, you don’t feel 100% confident and prepared. Some fears and doubts keep creeping up and making you wonder if you’re really up to the new challenge.

Not resolving such emotional patterns often leads to the erosion of self-confidence and the belief in your ability to overcome the challenges that keep showing up on your journey. On the other hand, if you have a game plan in place that will lead you over this hurdle, you will not only grow into a more confident and capable leader from this experience, you will set yourself up to thrive in your new position. You will also keep expanding your leadership potential and your abilities to have the impact you want to have.

Eliminating these barriers takes commitment and accountability, but also a clear path for how these changes can be achieved.  I’ll work with you to not only tackle these challenges effectively, but also help you to come out at the other end as a much stronger person and leader.  Breaking these limiting patterns will bring you the reward of freedom and limitless possibility.

Imagine what would be possible for you without these barriers and limitations?